Market Survey Q3 2017
October 2017
Market Survey Q1 2017
April 2017
Market Survey Q2 2017
January 2017 
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Year Book 2015 
Year Book 2014 
Year Book 2017
"The office market remains stable in this
quarter as well, and investors continue to seek investment opportunities in real estate because of the shortage of investment alternatives".​
The third quarter of 2017 ends with continued stability of the office market. 
"The new year presents challenges to the real eastate market because of the large scale of construction that started in recent years and because of interests".
Year Book 2016
The office market continues to flourish thanks to the expanding high-tech sector. 
Capital markets maintained interest rates at historically low levels across the yield curve. 
In 2014 the real estate market remained stable, resulting in rental prices that decreased moderately.
The construction boom has continued in Israel throughout the past year, especially in the commercial real estate sector, which has continued to develop in light of the growth in demand and in investing.
Market Survey Q4 2017
January 2018
We conclude the year 2017, which brought
increases in the commercial real estate market.