Personal care to all sectors

The professional departments in "MAN Properties" take into account a whole spectrum of special conditions related to the geographic area in which the property is located. We keep being updated with municipal planning reforms and studying future changes in transportation, infrastructure and logistics. Only then do we proceed to the main issue - finding the right property for the client to meet all requirements, both present and future, while maintaining complete confidentiality. 
Brokerage and consultancy services
MAN Properties specializes in locating assets and finding solutions for companies, with emphasis on its needs and unique characteristics of each company.
The company specializes in advising companies from various business sectors such as high-tech, bio-tech, banks, logistics, retail and more.
We analyze customer needs, perform analysis of existing contracts, conduct market surveys, present suitable properties, carry out economic and qualitative analysis of various properties, stay vs. go analysis, negotiation with property owners and full support of the company up to lease signing
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Global CBRE Network

MAN Properties Corporate Services Department specializes in providing advice and support from start to finish to the company's strategic customers and focusing on international corporates.
Accompanying the move of companies from the identification of needs to the delivery of property, analyzing of current leases, drawing conclusions and making recommendations to the company, finding ways of streamlining and real estate cost reduction, conducting market surveys, while examining the business area where the company is located, analysis of comparative economic costs of alternative assets, renewal of contracts, while negotiations with the current landlord, full or partial disposal of space, sub-letting unused areas. The department is a focal point that provides solutions for all customer needs under one roof.
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MAN Properties Investments Department deals with brokerage and consulting of buying and selling transactions. The department is working with a wide range of private and institutional investors which enables it to maximize market coverage and the provision of reliable and quality information.
Finding properties for investment, real estate valuation, support of investors in making a purchase \ sale decision while directing the investor to areas \ domains that match its goals, conducting market surveys and forecasts of future trends, financial feasibility of projects, Sale & Lease Back, marketing assets for sale.
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Marketing Projects
MAN Properties owns several exclusive high-quality marketing projects.
At the beginning of the marketing process, an extensive market research is carried out which includes geographical, economic and social parameters, as well as a comparative analysis of competing projects.
Supervision of marketing and advertising budget, management and preparation of marketing documentation, exposure to MAN Properties' existing customers, segmentation of companies according to criteria relevant to the project, contacting the respective companies, a weekly progress report of the project to the landlord.